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AEW Announces The Debut Of A New Podcast Featuring Adam Cole

One Big Thing

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is launching a new gaming podcast, “All Elite Arcade,” hosted by AEW stars Adam Cole and Evil Uno. This move showcases the intersection of wrestling and gaming, bringing them together in an exciting new format.

Key Details

  • The podcast will cover the latest in video game news, reviews, and playthroughs by Adam Cole and Evil Uno.
  • Special guests from both the gaming world and the AEW roster are expected to feature, offering their insights and preferences in gaming.
  • “All Elite Arcade” is set to premiere on April 15, accessible via the AEW Games YouTube channel and major podcast streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
  • The topics and guests for the premiere episode are currently under wraps, with a teaser trailer available on the AEW Games YouTube channel.

Why It Matters

The launch of “All Elite Arcade” marks an important blend of wrestling and gaming cultures. It not only serves as a unique engagement platform for wrestling fans but also positions AEW as an innovative company that extends its reach beyond the traditional boundaries of wrestling. Podcasts hosted by wrestlers open up new avenues for fans to connect with their favorite stars, offering insights into their personalities outside the ring.

Looking Forward

The introduction of “All Elite Arcade” could signal a growing trend of interactive content produced by wrestling organizations, aiming to engage a digitally savvy audience. With Adam Cole and Evil Uno at the helm, the podcast is likely to attract a significant following, leveraging their popularity both in the ring and on gaming platforms.

Your Thoughts?

Are you excited about the blend of gaming and wrestling content in “All Elite Arcade”? Which AEW star or gaming personality would you love to see featured on the podcast? Leave a comment with your thoughts and expectations!

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