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AEW Champion MJF Targeted by The Devil Ahead of Worlds End Event

3 Key Points

  • MJF confronts threats from The Devil and masked henchmen, losing the ROH Tag Team Title.
  • Wardlow denies association with The Devil, asserts he’ll spectate Worlds End from afar.
  • Samoa Joe’s deceit unfolds, aligning with The Devil against MJF in championship bout.

MJF Braces for Samoa Joe’s Challenge Amidst Turmoil

As AEW Worlds End draws near, the AEW World Champion MJF is not just preparing for his headlining match. Recent events have seen the champion under siege – a menacing figure known only as The Devil has orchestrated attacks, eroding MJF’s defenses. Tension escalates following the unexpected loss of the ROH Tag Team Championship, a title MJF dropped during an “AEW Dynamite” episode, due to an ambush by The Devil’s ominous followers.

Wardlow Distances Himself from The Devil while Eyeing MJF

Wardlow, once aligned with MJF, has openly refuted claims linking him to The Devil. Utilizing social media to clear the air, he stated, “Not the devil. Not a goon. On vacation, [I] will be watching Worlds End from London. So stop asking @aew.” The powerhouse’s denial was underscored by an image shared on Wrestling News’s Twitter, dated December 30, 2023. Since his AEW re-emergence in October, Wardlow’s series of dominating victories have fueled speculation about his eventual confrontation with MJF.

Samoa Joe’s Betrayal Shakes Up Tonight’s AEW World Title Match

The complexities intensify as Samoa Joe, scheduled to challenge the world champion tonight, has revealed a calculating alignment with The Devil. Following a staged backstage attack and consequent disappearance from the scene, Joe’s true intentions came to light. The shocking reveal occurred post-match on Dynamite, when Joe appeared to rescue MJF from a beating, only to strike him viciously with a steel chair, implicating him in The Devil’s grand scheme.

Amidst the turmoil, the professional wrestling community eyes tonight’s showdown, where the AEW World Championship hangs in the balance. MJF, known for his resiliency and cunning, must now navigate the treachery of allies turned adversaries. As the landscape of AEW skews darker with The Devil’s lingering threat, MJF’s title reign faces a critical test at Worlds End.

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