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AEW Collision Maintains Strong Viewership Against Sports Competition in December

3 Key Points

  • AEW Collision’s viewership remains robust, with the highest ratings since October.
  • A strong opening segment and consistent audience retention contribute to success.
  • A dip in viewership during later quarters, but the show finished with a strong overrun.

Consistent Viewership Success for AEW Collision

In the competitive landscape of televised sports events, AEW Collision has held its own, garnering impressive viewership figures. Despite going head-to-head with stiff competition from NXT Deadline, collegiate sports, and the NFL, AEW Collision’s broadcasts have been met with consistent engagement from its audience.

AEW Collision’s Ratings Climb

According to Wrestlenomics, the latest episode of AEW Collision drew an audience of 489,000 total viewers, with a 0.16 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Remarkably, this signifies three consecutive weeks of either increased or steady viewership numbers, indicating a 7% rise from the 457,000 viewers on December 16th. On top of that, the demographic rating also saw a 7% boost from 0.15, signaling a strong presence in the younger audience.

The Opening Act: Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Fueling the success of this episode was a gripping opening match featuring Bryan Danielson squaring off against Claudio Castagnoli. This Continental Classic match captured the peak initial viewership of 529,000 people, alongside a 0.16 demographic rating. The match set the pace and the show’s numbers remained largely stable throughout.

Middle Hour Dynamics

The middle of the show held its ground with key segments, like Keith Lee versus Brian Cage. Audience interest was also bolstered significantly by a Toni Storm promo and Christian Cage’s engaging monologue, helping maintain viewer interest. These segments resonated with the audience, maintaining a demographic rating of 0.17—a high point for the broadcast.

The Final Stretch and Overrun

Despite viewer numbers tapering off slightly in the concluding quarters, dropping to a low of 452,000, AEW Collision managed to recover. The show concluded with a solid overrun performance, achieving 488,000 viewers and retaining the 0.16 demographic rating. This promising finale underscores the broadcast’s overall resilience and ability to captivate the audience throughout its duration.

In summary, AEW Collision’s recent success is a testament to the show’s compelling content and ability to maintain a strong following despite the stiff competition it faces weekly. With a strategic opening and consistent entertainment value, the show continues to hit significant viewership numbers, reinforcing its position in the pro wrestling television landscape.

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