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AEW Match Outcome Altered Due to In-Match Injury

The One Big Thing

A recent AEW Collision match’s outcome was unexpectedly changed mid-fight due to Ricky Starks sustaining an injury, showcasing the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling.

Quick Facts

  • The match in question was part of a tournament to crown new AEW Tag Team Champions.
  • Ricky Starks and Big Bill were set to face Top Flight.
  • An unplanned finish occurred when Darius Martin of Top Flight secured an unexpected pin on Starks after a failed kick-out attempt.
  • A report from Fightful Select revealed that the original plan was for Starks and Big Bill to win.
  • The nature of Starks’ injury and his recovery timeline remain unclear.

Why It Matters

This incident is a compelling reminder of the risks wrestlers take in the ring and the need for adaptability. It also potentially impacts the storyline progression within AEW, especially concerning the tag team championship scene. Adjusting the match outcome on the fly due to an injury underscores the unpredictable and real aspects of wrestling entertainment, blending planned narratives with genuine in-the-moment reactions.

Looking Ahead

As details about Ricky Starks’ injury and its impact on future AEW storylines surface, fans and insiders alike will keenly watch how the promotion adapts. The health and safety of wrestlers remain paramount, even as the show must go on.

How do you think Ricky Starks’ injury will affect the AEW Tag Team Championship storyline? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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