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AEW Worlds End 2023: Wrestling Veteran Kevin Sullivan Shares Mixed Views

3 Key Points:

  • Kevin Sullivan critiques AEW Worlds End 2023 main event.
  • Sullivan comments on MJF’s entrance attire and Adam Cole’s reveal.
  • Observations on storyline angles and wrestler performances provided.

Kevin Sullivan Analyzes AEW Worlds End Highlights

The landscape of All Elite Wrestling witnessed the unfolding of AEW Worlds End 2023, and opinions on the night’s spectacles have traversed across the board. On his show “Tuesday with the Taskmaster,” wrestling sage Kevin Sullivan shared his seasoned perspective, particularly on the night’s marquee matchups. His focus narrowed on the execution of the main event, a clash that pitted MJF against Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe Praised, MJF’s Attire Criticized

Despite the event’s varied reception, Sullivan expressed his approval of Samoa Joe’s in-ring performance, deeming it “solid” and “fabulous.” However, MJF’s choice of ring attire did not escape Sullivan’s critical eye. “The only thing I didn’t like about MJF, his robe reminded me of a cheap Ric Flair robe with those feathers. That didn’t work for me, but he worked hard,” Sullivan noted.

Adam Cole’s Gimmick Elicits Mixed Reactions

The unveiling of Adam Cole as “The Devil” prompted Sullivan to deliver a hefty dose of sarcasm. He was not taken aback by the development, implying its predictability. Nonetheless, Sullivan opined that a swerve in the storyline, with Cole not being “The Devil,” could have been a pivotal moment to build Cole as a star face if executed differently.

Storyline Execution Evaluated

Turning to Cole’s role during MJF’s beatdown, Sullivan pinpointed the exaggerated nature of the reaction, suggesting a preference for subtlety. He criticized the cheerleading-like enthusiasm Cole exhibited, “The shots when MJF is selling, Adam Cole is cheerleading like a Dallas Cheerleader. I mean, come on, it’s too over the top.”

In the intricate tapestry of professional wrestling storylines and character development, Sullivan’s dissection of AEW Worlds End 2023 underscores the weighty expectations of wrestling aficionados and industry insiders alike. While the event served as a hotbed for debate, fans and pundits continue to dissect every move in the unfaltering dance of wrestling artistry.

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