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AEW’s Kenny Omega Highlights 1980s WWE Stars as Influential to His Wrestling Career

One Big Thing

Kenny Omega, the noted AEW wrestler, shares his admiration for 1980s WWE stars who shaped his early passion for professional wrestling.

Key Influences

  • Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) was highlighted by Omega as a significant influence, changing his perspective on what engaging in-ring performances look like.
  • Before Hennig, Omega’s favorites included The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, credited as the top wrestlers globally by fans and promotions alike.
  • Omega’s affinity wasn’t limited to singles competition; in the tag team category, The Rockers and the Hart Foundation stood out with their performances.
  • He also mentioned his admiration for “Ravishing” Rick Rude, describing him as underrated and a wrestler whose style would seamlessly fit into the modern era.

Why It Matters

This insight into Kenny Omega’s wrestling influences offers a rare glimpse into the personal journey and evolution of one of today’s top wrestling talents. Understanding the impact of past wrestling legends on current stars emphasizes the industry’s generational continuity and the ever-evolving nature of wrestling styles and storytelling.

Omega’s reflections remind fans and fellow wrestlers to appreciate the artistry and athleticism of wrestling’s past icons, suggesting that modern wrestling’s development is deeply rooted in its history.

Your thoughts?

Which wrestling legends influenced your view on professional wrestling? Share your stories and favorite wrestlers in the comments below.

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