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AEW’s Smart Backup Plan for Sting’s Farewell Match Highlights Wrestling’s Unpredictability

3 Key Points
– AEW prepared a safety net, a “Plan B” finish for Sting’s retirement match at Revolution 2024.
– Darby Allin’s daring stunt necessitated a potential change in the match outcome.
– Meticulous planning, including safety measures and alternate strategies, ensured the match’s success.

AEW’s Precautionary Measures for Sting’s Retirement

AEW Revolution 2024 hosted an unforgettable main event featuring Sting & Darby Allin versus The Young Bucks. This bout served as a grand finale to Sting’s illustrious 40-year career in wrestling. Amid the awe-inspiring moments, Darby Allin’s breathtaking leap through the air, crashing down through glass onto chairs, stood out. This moment not only displayed Allin’s bravery but also his commitment to the craft, despite requiring 12 stitches post-match.

Contingency Plans in Place

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated shared insights on the preparation that went into ensuring the match could go on, regardless of any unforeseen complications. AEW and its performers had brainstormed a “Plan B” should Allin be unable to continue, highlighting the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling. Safety rehearsals and expert guidance on the stunt were part of the meticulous planning, emphasizing the priority AEW places on its performers’ wellbeing.

Aftermath and Future Endeavors

Despite the success of the stunt and the match at large, Allin revealed plans for a hiatus, albeit not for recovery purposes. Instead, he aims to embark on a challenging adventure to climb Mount Everest. Meanwhile, Sting’s sons, Garrett and Steven, opened up for the first time post-match, sharing their behind-the-scenes experiences and the special moments that marked their father’s retirement match.

Pro wrestling continues to evolve, with promotions like AEW leading the way in melding storytelling, athletic prowess, and safety measures to create memorable moments for fans worldwide.

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