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AJ Styles Reveals He Can No Longer Perform Signature Move, the Spiral Ta

One Big Thing

AJ Styles, known for his high-flying wrestling style, admits he can no longer perform his signature move, the Spiral Tap, due to not using it for an extended period.

Key Points

  • Styles believes in the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” which applies to the Spiral Tap.
  • The move involves leaping from the top rope and executing multiple mid-air twists before landing on the opponent.
  • Styles hasn’t attempted the move in any setting, including trampolines or pools.
  • He last performed the Spiral Tap in TNA against opponents like Bully Ray or Matt Hardy.

Why It Matters

AJ Styles’ admission highlights the challenges faced by high-flying wrestlers as they age and the need to adapt their in-ring style to maintain longevity in their careers. The fact that Styles, known for his athleticism, can no longer perform the Spiral Tap demonstrates the physical toll wrestling takes on the body over time.

Not the Only Move Dropped

Fans may also recall that Styles previously revealed dropping another signature move, the Shooting Styles Press, from his moveset during a Twitch stream several years ago.

The Future of High-Flying Moves

Styles suggests that the Spiral Tap is now a move for younger wrestlers like Will Ospreay to perform, passing the torch to the next generation of high-flyers in the wrestling world.

What do you think about AJ Styles no longer being able to perform the Spiral Tap? Have you noticed other wrestlers having to adapt their movesets as they age? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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