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New WWE NXT Lead Producer Revealed: Brian Fadem Takes the Rein

One Big Thing

Brian Fadem, the Vice President of Line Producing, has been serving as WWE NXT’s lead producer since the departure of Kevin Dunn at the beginning of 2024.

Key Points

  • Lee Fitting was named as the new head of WWE’s production and presentation on the main roster, but does not fill that role in NXT.
  • Fadem would previously fill in for Dunn if he were absent from a WWE event.
  • Production sources say Fadem has “hit the ground running” in his new role, with one source noting that “it was like he picked up someone else’s tools, cleaned them off and used them like they were new again”.
  • Talent believes that Fadem is much more open to suggestions from them on camera shots and other factors of production, compared to Dunn, who was seen as restricting the creativity of NXT’s production.
  • Other names on the brand are learning the lead producer role, with Fadem not serving as the lead producer for the April 30 episode of NXT.

Why It Matters

The change in NXT’s lead producer role marks a significant shift in the brand’s production style and approach. With Fadem at the helm, NXT talent and production staff may have more creative freedom to explore new ideas and enhance the overall presentation of the show. This change could lead to a fresh and exciting era for WWE’s developmental brand.

What do you think about Brian Fadem taking over as NXT’s lead producer? Do you believe this change will have a positive impact on the brand’s production quality and creativity? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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