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Akira Tozawa Joins Alpha Academy in Hopes of Climbing the WWE Ladder

In recent WWE news, Akira Tozawa, has made unexpected appearances within the ranks of the Alpha Academy. The faction, consisting of Chad Gable, Otis and Maxxine Dupri, has consistently seen success on Monday Night Raw. Tozawa’s quest for inclusion was revealed amid a series of backstage interactions.

Tozawa’s initiation into the Alpha Academy started with a backstage segment featuring himself and the trio. The comedy of the situation burst onto the scene when Tozawa showcased some unconventional ‘nasty’ dance moves to Gable, earning himself an Alpha Academy shirt. He then made his colorful debut alongside the crew in their tag team match against the New Day. Despite his vibrant contribution, the New Day outmaneuvered the Alpha Academy.

However, Tozawa’s night was far from over. Having found ‘Big’ Bronson Reed backstage, he challenged Reed to a match, which, following a slap from Tozawa, became official. Despite the loss, Tozawa persisted and reappeared in a backstage segment along with the Alpha Academy, New Day, and DIY. Earning recognition from his peers, Tozawa held the Dallas Cowboys WWE replica title belt and executed his signature training move.

Adding to the excitement of the night, DIY made an announcement: they’ll face Imperium on Raw next week. Fans of WWE can keep up with the latest updates by following this link.

Tozawa’s addition to Alpha Academy has quickly become one of the major highlights in the WWE universe. CrispyWrestling, an avid WWE fan, even remarked, “Akira Tozawa’s segments are the best segments of the year, man, I swear.”

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