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New Day Eyeing Championship Gold and Targeting WWE GMs – Pro Wrestling Update

In the never-ending drama of WWE, fan favorites, The New Day, have now set their sights on championship gold. Revealed explicitly during a Raw Talk segment aired as part of the October 23 episode of WWE Raw, the animated ensemble is looking to reach the apex of WWE ranks, parlaying with Raw and SmackDown GMs to open up a path to the coveted title.

Comprising of dynamic duo Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, The New Day shelled out a noteworthy performance on the aforementioned episode. The pair stormed to victory over Alpha Academy with aplomb, on a night which alo saw Akira Tozawa join hands with Chad Gable’s faction. Following their triumphant outing against Gable and Otis, the duo delved into a riveting conversation backstage with RAW reporter Jackie Redmond.

Opening up about their aspirations and future gameplan, Kingston likened their quest to a ladder, saying, “this ladder right here, it’s just like us climbing the ranks in the tag team division.” Later on, Woods chipped in with a statement, hinting at their appetite to regain the WWE World Tag Team Champions title – “We were fighting to climb the ranks in this division so that we can then again become WWE World Tag Team Champions.”

Up next, teasing a plan in the works, Woods spelled out the potential likelihood of them approaching Adam Pearce, stating, “And if that’s going to happen on Monday Night Raw, maybe, maybe we go talk to a man called Adam Pearce.”

They didn’t stop there though, dropping kick Teasers for a possible SmackDown move, Woods added, “And if Pearce won’t give us that tag match, you know we used to run SmackDown. So maybe we’ll go to talk to Nick Aldis because SmackDown is definitely going to want all this.” Kingston meanwhile, drove home the point about Aldis kicking Pearce out of WWE SmackDown last week, setting up a potentially captivating dynamic moving forward.

The scope and scale of these plans certainly left Redmond wide-eyed, as the pair offered her the opportunity to climb the “ladder of success”. As wrestling pundits and fans alike clasp onto these revelations, it’s clear that the business of pro wrestling never stops and always has a new twist in the tale, whether inside or outside the ring.

The New Day’s determination and explicit display of ambition not only drums up excitement for upcoming episodes of Raw and Smackdown, but it also lends rich material for Wrestling Unmasked – a WrestleTalk book that bares the off-stage action, politics, and anecdotes from the world of professional wrestling. So dust off your ring bells, for it’s time to experience wrestling like never before!

As we await the next move from The New Day, will we see this well-loved tag team reign supreme once more, or will we witness a drastic shift in their dynamics? All that and more, to be revealed in forthcoming WWE narratives! For those who breathe and bleed wrestling, stay tuned for unabashed, facts peppered updates right from the heart of WWE’s gritty yet fascinating world.

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