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Alexa Bliss Confronts BuzzFeed Over Unauthorized Use of Her Image

The One Big Thing

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss criticizes BuzzFeed for unauthorized use of her image in an article.

Key Points

  • Alexa Bliss has been on a break from WWE due to her pregnancy.
  • Despite her absence, her image was used by BuzzFeed without her consent.
  • Bliss called out BuzzFeed on Twitter for this privacy invasion.
  • She confirmed her return to WWE, though no specific date has been given.


Why It Matters

The issue highlights the importance of consent in using public figures’ images, especially in sensitive contexts. It also underscores the continued relevance and fan interest in Alexa Bliss, even during her absence from WWE programming.

Bliss’s Stand Against Unauthorized Use

On Twitter, Alexa Bliss expressed her frustration with BuzzFeed’s use of her image without permission. Her statement emphasized the need for consent and criticized the mischaracterization of her as merely an influencer rather than a professional athlete.

The Broader Context

This incident brings to light the broader challenges celebrities face in controlling their likeness and how it’s used in media. It also sparks conversation around the ethics of content creation and the responsibilities of outlets like BuzzFeed.

Coming Back to the Ring

Despite the controversy, Bliss’s update on her return to WWE has excited fans eager to see her back in action. Her role as a multi-time women’s champion has made her one of the most anticipated returns to the ring.

Are you surprised by BuzzFeed’s use of Alexa Bliss’s image without her consent? How do you think public figures should navigate these issues of privacy and consent? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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