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Alexa Bliss Debunks Shoot Fight Rumors with Iyo Sky

**One Big Thing:** Alexa Bliss addresses and debunks the circulating rumors about a shoot fight with fellow WWE superstar Iyo Sky, setting the record straight on social media.

– **Quick Hits:**
– Alexa Bliss, renowned WWE superstar, has been off TV due to maternity leave since January 2023.
– A recent online clip suggested a real-life altercation (shoot fight) between Bliss and Iyo Sky.
– Bliss countered the speculation with a clear denial on Twitter, dismissing the idea of a shoot fight.
– Despite her absence, Bliss is preparing for an in-ring return, hinting at a potential comeback around SummerSlam.

**Why It Matters:**
Alexa Bliss’s swift response to rumors underscores the speed at which misinformation can spread within the wrestling community. Her return to WWE is highly anticipated, and as such, any news surrounding Bliss is subject to speculation. Addressing these rumors head-on not only clarifies her current standing with fellow athletes but also highlights the wrestler’s proactive approach to managing her public image and setting the record straight.

– **Visual Support:** Bliss’s tweet debunking the rumor contrasts the speculation with her direct denial, emphasizing the importance of receiving information straight from the source.

– **Looking Ahead:** Bliss’s anticipated return to WWE television adds excitement to the upcoming SummerSlam event, promising a resurgence of one of the division’s most dynamic personalities.

**Are you looking forward to Alexa Bliss’s return to the ring? What impact do you think she’ll have on the current women’s division landscape? Share your thoughts below.**

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