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Alexa Bliss Responds To YouTuber On WWE Raw Main Event Appearance Criticism

Alexa Bliss is in the news again, and this time it’s not her exceptional performance but her appearance on a show’s main event. WWE superstar has been one of the biggest names in the women’s division since she debuted on the main roster, but there are people that still call her bad names and address her in the wrong ways.

There’s a YouTuber whose name we don’t want to mention because we don’t want to give him publicity. He always lashes out at Alexa Bliss and leaves no stone unturned to call her bad words. We cannot use those words in our article, and he even used some words that were not good at all.

Alexa Bliss is an individual with a cool mind and knows how to handle criticism. She transitioned from Cheerleading into Sports Entertainment and performed exceptionally well. Her mic and in-ring skills are excellent and one can only think of all the things she can do with her skillset.

She continues to impress members of the WWE Universe, but there are and will be people that will always doubt her, but she knows how to put them to rest. Her response to the ‘What’ chants during her promo tell about her skill to learn and become better. She continues to rise, but some take exception to it.

Everyone’s a hater of someone because they can’t match their skills and that’s the best way to put it across. They know that by putting across criticism to someone they will be able to add some viewership to their video. While we don’t want to mention the name of this person, we will share what Alexa Bliss tweeted.

Tell That to my Merch sales JB. Keep doing your job which is talking about… Me.

Alexa knows how to troll the trollers and it must be lauded that she handled the situation well. The same person trolled her in mid-2020, and Alexa Bliss went out on this person in her own classy way. It should have put him in his place, but it looks like he needed a taste of his medicine and Bliss handed it over.

What do you think of the words from Alexa Bliss? Sound off in the comments.

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