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WWE Raw Season Premiere To Have A New Team

WWE Raw’s season premiere may not just have some legends returning or coming together to form DX again as their 25th anniversary comes along. We may also have a new commentary team for the show. According to the ever-reliable WrestleVotes, there are rumours that we may see a different team on the commentary desk. It wrote:

I’m told to expect a commentary change on RAW with the season premiere this coming week. Other minor aspects of both shows are also set to get altered as well.

While it’s a good thing, what also comes across is that there may be some alterations to the show. WWE is known to have gone through a change since the new regime took over and things may be on the up and up going forward.

Triple H has already changed a lot of the show, and a lot will change this coming week. Whether this leads to something good or not is something we will have to see in the near future. WWE’s ability to put on exclusive and better content than its nemesis can never be questioned.

WWE knows a thing or two about making the season premiere worthwhile, but this will be the first season premiere under the new regime. Vince McMahon has been in charge of things until this year July 24th, but Hunter took charge the following day.

It was all due to a hush-money scandal in the name of Vince McMahon that brought about concerns in the WWE. It looks like the company is slowly recovering from it. Whether the same happens or not is something we would have to see in the due course of time.

WWE’s season premiere of the Friday Night SmackDown show happens this Friday while Raw’s happens this coming Monday. WWE is focused on making the product better and maybe this change may be the first step in the same direction. Whether that happens or not is what we would get to know through the ratings.

Speaking of the ratings, Raw didn’t have good ratings this week, so Hunter and the team will have to work well to make things worth the time. Do you think they will succeed in their plan or will things fall apart? Sound off in the comments.

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