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Amari Miller Celebrates Emotional Comeback to NXT after Injury Hiatus

WWE NXT’s rising star Amari Miller has delivered a touching message to her loyal fan base as she marks her return to the squared circle following a challenging period away due to injury. Wrestling fans have witnessed Miller’s hiatus since her last appearance on NXT TV, which dates back to January, with the hiatus attributed to a significant ACL injury.

Her journey to recovery recently reached a pivotal moment at the NXT house show on December 2, where she made a heartening appearance, marking the end of nearly a year’s absence from active competition. The event, which heralded her return, sparked a wave of celebration from fans online who were eager to see Miller back in action, and the NXT star expressed her gratitude in a sincere social media post.

“Thank you for everyone that stuck by my side and supported me through 2023. I love you all. Seriously, thank you. And I’m not sure your name, but the man who told me thank you for being a mental health advocate at NXT Tampa, really got that day. Much love. I’M BACK,” tweeted Miller.

Her acknowledgment of the support from fans and a particular audience member highlights not only her appreciation for the community but also her role as a mental health advocate, something she’s been candid about, especially during her recent battles. The wrestling community has rallied around Miller, commending her not just for her in-ring talent but also for her bravery in discussing her fight with depression and her advocacy for mental well-being.

Miller’s last in-ring appearance on television was at the New Year’s Evil event on January 10, where she competed in the Women’s Title #1 contender’s battle royal. Since her NXT in-ring debut in mid-2021, Miller has engaged in a total of 14 televised matches and an additional eight on the WWE show Level Up.

Miller’s commitment to her wrestling career and her advocacy work is inspiring to fans and colleagues alike. Her return is a testament to her resilience and determination, and it serves as a beacon of hope for those dealing with similar struggles. As Miller steps back into the NXT spotlight, there’s a sense of excitement among the wrestling community to witness her continued journey and support her through her future endeavours in the ring.

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