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Andrade El Idolo’s Departure from AEW Confirmed by Tony Khan

3 Key Points

  • AEW President Tony Khan confirms Andrade El Idolo’s contract is ending, with no renewal in sight.
  • Andrade delivers a strong final AEW performance despite loss to Miro at Worlds End event.
  • Praise for Andrade’s AEW tenure and acknowledgments for outgoing talent and staff including QT Marshall and Dana Massie.

Contract Expiration Signals End of Andrade’s AEW Run

In the face of rampant speculation, AEW’s Tony Khan has made it clear that Andrade El Idolo’s time with All Elite Wrestling is drawing to a close. The revelation came as part of Khan’s remarks during a media scrum on Saturday where he addressed the wrestler’s contract status. Andrade, a prolific performer and former WWE NXT Champion, is predicted to part ways with AEW as his contract comes to an end at the close of this year.

Andrade’s AEW Swansong Complimented by Khan

Khan took a moment to recognize the contributions Andrade made during his time with the promotion, specifically citing his noteworthy participation in the AEW Continental Classic’s Blue League and his near advancement to the block finals. He stated, “I talked about this great run Collision [has] been on and Andrade’s a part of that.”

Negotiations Falter Despite High Hopes

While Khan expressed an interest in negotiating an agreement that would have seen Andrade remain with AEW, the efforts ultimately fell through. Khan even entertained the idea of reconnecting Andrade with his former wrestling home, the CMLL promotion. Despite these hurdles, Khan felt Miro gave Andrade a memorable farewell from AEW, a bout that ended in controversy involving Andrade’s manager, CJ Perry.

Praise for AEW Talent and Acknowledgment of Departures

Khan shared his high regard for Andrade’s last match against Miro and extended his commendation to AEW producer QT Marshall. He confirmed that both Marshall and two other integral members of the AEW family, Rafael Morffi and Dana Massie, would be parting with the company. He left the door open for their return, reflecting positively on the impact they’ve had within the organization.

Disruption and Betrayal at Worlds End

In what transpired to be Andrade’s final bow in AEW, the matchup against Miro at the Worlds End event was marred by distraction. Managerial double-crossing played a pivotal role, with CJ Perry, originally Andrade’s advocate, turning against him in the critical moments of the match, influencing the outcome in favor of Miro. Despite the unsettling turn of events, Andrade’s performance remained undeniably strong, encapsulating his tenure with AEW as one that was full of passion and professionalism.

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