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Becky Lynch Shares Her Experience On Working With The Rock

Becky Lynch is an exceptional performer in the WWE. The current NXT Women’s Champion has had an excellent run on the main roster. She recently appeared on Insight With Chris Van Vliet. She spoke on a wide variety of topics and was clear about what she wants from self and the WWE.

‘The Man’ didn’t shy away from talking about her “shameful” WWE debut. Becky talked about how that was one of her worst experiences, but it was also a learning for her in the long run.

Yeah, there we are. Look, if that is not proof that you can dig yourself out of any hole, then I don’t know what is. Because that is, I would put that over Shockmaster in terms of shameful debuts. Yeah Like he just fell over, you know, like he fell over. Okay, fine, that sucks. I went out. I was committed to that, you know like that was my, I think the difference is he didn’t intend to fall over. I intended to go out there and do an Irish jig like that. And thought that I was worthy of being on WWE television. That happened.

Becky even talked about how it felt working with The Great One, The People’s Champion, The Rock in 2019. Becky talked about how being in the ring with The Rock was an exemplary experience for her.

I mean, look, when you’re working with Dwayne, it’s, well, one, it’s so easy because anything you do gets a reaction and he’s so good. And he’s so in tune with with the energy of everyone, the entire universe, I think you can see that by how he’s just, you know, taken over the world. But he also makes everybody feel so comfortable. And he wants everything to be the best. And he takes care of everybody that’s around him. But also then you are just so wracked with nerves because you’re going toe to toe with The Great One. He’s The Great One who’s got, you know, more charisma in his pinky than, I mean, him and Roux could compete maybe, yeah. But it is like a bit of a nerve-wracking experience because you want to hold your own and you have to hold your own. Because he’s giving you the torch, he is saying, Here you go. Let me give you the rub, kid. And no, he really looked after all of us, getting to work with him and being out there and feeling the energy of the crowd. And then you go, that’s what I want. I want people to react to me that way. And that’s a very cool thing. Because you get to experience it and you go, Okay, I knew I was hot. This is a different level of hot. How do I get this level of hot?

The world of professional wrestling involves going in different directions based on the story, and the people involved in it. The former Raw Women’s Champion talked about how it all comes in line if you have the right person on the other side for you. Becky has grown a lot since her time in NXT and it looks like things will only keep moving ahead.

I think there’s always a catalyst for change, right? You just got to figure out, you just got to figure out what it is. Winning a match can be a catalyst for change, losing a match can be a catalyst for change. You just sometimes need the right story, the right antagonist or protagonists, depending on what way you’re going to go. But I think that’s the fun thing about wrestling, man, we can do anything. You can go from being a stupid, silly Irish dancing clown, to being The Man of the business and main eventing WrestleMania, holding two titles over your head, you know, and that’s the thing. I suppose in a way, that’s the thing about life, right? You don’t have to be stuck as the person that you were or with the thing that you did, you can move on. And you can learn from your mistakes and hope you never go back there. And I hope I never go back in my green attire and doing the Irish dances. I don’t even listen to Irish music anymore. That’s a lie, I love it. I rock it with the gym, it’s very good.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion is an inspiration for many in her field and she continues to be a standard bearer in the women’s division of the WWE. Only time will tell if she excels in her role or will it be a miss, although the current fine print doesn’t seem to be going that way.

What do you think of the responses from Becky Lynch? Sound off in the comments.

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