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Shawn Michaels Is Open To The Idea Of CM Punk In The WWE

CM Punk is a name that is doing the rounds in the wrestling world. The Second City Saviour was fired from AEW following his backstage fight with Jack Perry at AEW All In, London. The backstage fight was later investigated by an internal committee that found Punk guilty. It led to the firing of the former AEW Champion.

Punk has a reputation of going on tangents that don’t sit well with anyone. While he is a free agent (unless he has a no-compete clause), there’s still time for him to settle his approach and make way back inside the squared circle. The grapevine has been buzzing about a possible return to the WWE. According to, Shawn Michaels spoke about this during the No Mercy media call [H/T to Fightful for the transcription]:

Of course, we’d welcome him here in NXT. My guess is, he would probably want to go to the main roster. I always enjoyed working with Phil. Didn’t get to do it much. I understood him. Whether you want to say there were similarities in us. I can’t lie. We were at TV, and he once pulled out his wallet, on the spot, an autograph that I had signed for him in a hotel that he still had. I’ve always liked him. I understand he’s a different kind of cat and can sometimes be challenging to get along with people, but that is probably why I like him, because I suffer from the same thing. Obviously, that’s for people to decide higher up on the food chain than I am. He’s a guy that does numbers and makes money. That would be a risk-reward ratio that from a company standpoint, they’d have to consider. When it comes to, ‘would we take him in NXT and have him on our television?’ Are you kidding me? Of course I would. I just don’t think anybody would let me. Who wouldn’t take that kind of star power? I don’t know. If I get in trouble for that, I’ll let you know.

It’s clear that Phil hasn’t had really excellent experiences or rather made one for others during his time in the WWE. While Shawn didn’t want to point out that there are issues, there are many within the WWE that don’t see Punk in a good standing.

It is pivotal for anyone’s return to the WWE, because unless everyone agrees, no one can return to the company. Punk would have to work with the system to make sure that he doesn’t have the fallout that he had the last time as things didn’t work out well for him.

Would you like to see CM Punk back in the WWE? Sound off in the comments.

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