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Belief That Vince McMahon Is Planning ‘Revenge Tour’ After WWE Exit

One Big Thing

Vince McMahon, once the driving force behind WWE, is rumored to be plotting a ‘revenge tour’ following his departure from the company amidst legal challenges.

Key Details

  • McMahon has sold a significant portion of his stock in TKO Group Holdings, raising hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Speculations arise about his potential investment in Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Entertainment, hinting at a resurgence of Global Force Wrestling.
  • Former WWE writer Vince Russo suggests McMahon’s actions indicate a possible large-scale project, speculating a massive investment into wrestling, potentially becoming a major competitor to WWE.

Why It Matters

The wrestling landscape could significantly change if McMahon invests billions into Global Force Wrestling or launches a new venture. This move could introduce a formidable competitor to WWE, impacting the industry’s balance and offering an alternative platform for talent and fans alike.

Russo’s Insight

“He is setting up for ‘the Vince McMahon revenge tour.’… Vince McMahon is gonna sink $2 billion into Global Force Wrestling.” – Vince Russo on his podcast “The Brand.”

The Current Situation

While Vince McMahon navigates through ongoing legal battles, the wrestling community watches closely to see if and how he will make his next big move within the industry.

Now, Over to You

Do you think Vince McMahon will turn his speculated ‘revenge tour’ into reality by investing in Global Force Wrestling or starting a new venture? Share your thoughts below!

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