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Big E Explores Creative Avenues with Bridges Project During Injury Hiatus

The resilience and evolution of former WWE Champion Big E have been nothing short of inspiring. Despite being sidelined with a neck injury suffered over a year ago on the March 11, 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown, Big E has channeled his unwavering spirit into projects beyond the wrestling ring. Fans have long admired Big E for his dedication and hard work, traits that have been evident throughout his career and have helped him amass significant fanfare.

Recently, on the UnDrafted AllStarz Podcast Show, Big E spoke candidly about his foray into film production with a short film titled “Bridges,” designed to impart valuable lessons to Black children through storytelling. “Bridges” comes as a response to a national conversation that gained momentum after the tragic event involving George Floyd. The project aims to educate and entertain by presenting an important narrative that shines a light on historical figures who’ve made profound impacts on society.

“I had so many of my friends I was reaching out to, and we would talk about run-ins with the police. We would talk about all the things we dealt with,” explained Big E. The project’s mission is to present Black history in a way that’s approachable and engaging, especially for the younger generation. Big E highlighted the significance of educating children about icons like Ruby Bridges and James Baldwin amidst attempts by some to overlook pivotal chapters in history.

Big E’s ongoing efforts in advocacy and education reflect his strong commitment to contributing positively to the community. Despite not having a definitive timeline for his return to the ring, his stance is optimistic, stating, “I feel great.” Yet, his current priorities lie with making an impact outside of WWE, and he is content with his array of pursuits.

Big E’s story serves as a reminder of the versatility and depth of professional wrestlers, who often engage in ventures that extend beyond the physical realm of the squared circle. Fans express unwavering support for his endeavors and are eager to see the fruits of his labors, both in and out of the pro wrestling spotlight.

We invite our readers to share their thoughts about Big E’s impactful undertakings. Are you excited about his new projects? Do you believe this engagement shines a new light on the reach and influence of professional wrestling personalities? Share your opinions and join the conversation in the comments section.

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