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Big Shift in AEW Pay-Per-View Streaming Strategy Announced

**One Big Thing:** AEW pay-per-views, starting with AEW Dynasty, will now be available for streaming in the United States on Triller TV, marking a major shift from the exclusive Bleacher Report Live streaming arrangement.

– **Background:** Since its inception in 2019, AEW has streamed its pay-per-view events in the U.S. on Bleacher Report Live and offered them via traditional pay-per-view methods. Internationally, these events were available on Triller TV (formerly Fite TV).
– **The Change:** This long-standing exclusivity in the U.S. is coming to an end. AEW Dynasty will be the first event streamable live on Triller TV within the United States.
– **Recent Issues:** The shift appears partially spurred by recent problems with ordering AEW Revolution on BR Live, which led to it being streamed on Triller TV.
– **Future Outlook:** It remains unclear if this arrangement is for AEW Dynasty alone or if future AEW pay-per-views will also stream on Triller TV.
– **Upcoming Match:** AEW Dynasty is highly anticipated for featuring a dream first-ever match between Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay.

**Why It Matters:**
This strategic change in streaming partners could have significant implications for AEW’s accessibility and viewership in the United States. The partnership with Triller TV may offer AEW a broader platform and potential for reaching a wider audience, especially given the technical issues encountered with BR Live.

The move underscores a possible shift in how wrestling promotions are choosing to distribute their content, opting for platforms that can provide a seamless viewing experience for fans and possibly more favorable financial terms for the promotions.

**Have you experienced issues with streaming AEW events in the past? What do you think this change means for the future of watching professional wrestling? Leave a comment with your thoughts.**

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