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Booker T Shares His All-Time Favorite WWE Match


  • WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, picks his clash with Rey Mysterio in 2006 as his most memorable match.
  • The match is frequently used for “film study” due to its flawless execution, highlighting both wrestlers’ skills.
  • Booker T praises Rey Mysterio’s performance as “flawless,” underscoring the high-quality wrestling fans admired that night.

In a business as storied and competitive as professional wrestling, standing out is no small feat. Nonetheless, Booker T, with a career spanning over three decades and decorated with countless accolades, managed to narrow down his favorite in-ring moment to a single, unforgettable match. Speaking on his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T revisits his 2006 world championship bout against Rey Mysterio, which has remained etched in his mind more than any other.

A Night of Perfection

“For me, it would probably be Rey Mysterio, winning the world championship as King Booker. I have had a lot of matches in WWE, but that’s the one match to me that stands out in my mind more than any other, man,” Booker T recalls. The match, lauded for its choreography and the palpable chemistry between Booker and Mysterio, was a display of wrestling at its finest. “Because Rey was flawless that night, man. Just watching him do his stuff. I was in awe and I was in the ring with him, I was working with him!”

This battle wasn’t just a showcase of technical prowess and storytelling — it also serves as a teaching tool. Booker T often revisits this match with his students during film study sessions to illustrate the art of wrestling. It’s clear that this encounter holds more than just a title win; it symbolizes perfection in the craft, a moment where everything falls into place. “I always use that match for film study just because the match was flawless. So, I will say myself against Rey Mysterio. Great finish when Chavo came in, chair shot, boom, crazy,” Booker explains.

Reliving such a pinnacle moment brings to light the depth of talent and dedication within the WWE universe. As we take a trip down memory lane with Booker T, showcasing the match’s significance not just for its participants but for aspiring wrestlers, we witness the heart and soul poured into every performance.

We encourage readers to share their thoughts in the comments. What is your favorite Booker T match, and why?

[Please note: Quotes sourced from Booker T’s “Hall of Fame” podcast and transcription credit goes to Wrestling Inc.]

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