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Elijah (Formerly Elias) Shares an Iconic WWE Moment with Kevin Owens That Captivated Fans


  • Elijah recalls a viral moment in Seattle where his on-ring banter with fans during a WWE Raw event with Kevin Owens had a lasting impact.
  • The reaction of the Seattle crowd to their NBA team mention was explosive and represents a highlight in both wrestlers’ careers.
  • This moment stands as a testament to the unique connection wrestlers can create with their audience through clever dialogue and performance.

The Power of Words in the Ring

At the heart of pro wrestling lies the intricate dance of athleticism and storytelling. Few understand this balance as well as Elijah, formerly known in the WWE universe as Elias. Speaking at the For The Love of Wrestling convention, Elijah fondly recounted a moment that not only went viral but showcased the raw emotional power wrestlers wield with just words.

During a WWE Raw event in Seattle back in late September 2018, Elijah and Kevin Owens managed to ignite an unforgettable reaction from the crowd. By merely mentioning the sensitive subject of Seattle losing its NBA team, the Supersonics, to Oklahoma City in 2008, they tapped into a well of local sentiment. Elijah recalls, “Seattle, obviously it stands out, they booed forever, and loud and violently…But that had been building for months and months.”

A Moment That Echoes

The Seattle instance wasn’t just about eliciting boos; it was a masterclass in the art of engagement, demonstrating an understanding of the audience that goes beyond the surface. Elijah highlighted the significance of the event, noting it was a culmination of ongoing efforts to connect with the audience on a deeper level, saying, “…it was just one night in a slew of tons and tons of nights of doing that. It was really fun.” The viral moment stood as a stark reminder of how a well-placed comment could turn an entire arena into a cauldron of energy.

Reflecting on that night, the incident not only solidified Elijah’s and Owen’s reputations as provocateurs who could captivate and energize an audience but also underscored the unbeatable combination of athletic prowess and storytelling in wrestling.

If you’re intrigued by Elijah’s insight into this memorable moment, credit goes to Monopoly Events with a hat tip to Wrestle Inc. for the transcription.

Do you remember watching this iconic moment live or online? What was your reaction to the Seattle crowd’s explosive response? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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