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Bray Wyatt Slotted As The Number 1 Babyface On WWE SmackDown

After weeks of teases, hints and clues, Bray Wyatt made his WWE return immediately following the main event of the WWE’s Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, when the lights would go out and various Firefly Fun House characters were shown at different areas of the arena, then Wyatt would appear in a doorway on the stage before removing his mask and revealing himself to the WWE Universe.

Wyatt would then make an appearance on last week’s WWE SmackDown episode and speak for the first time since his return to the company, but the ending of SmackDown left fans wondering what was going on as his speech was cut off by a mysterious video on the big screen. It was then speculated that Bray will be leading a brand-new faction called “Wyatt 6” and the faction will include talents such as Joe Gacy as Huskus, Grayson Waller as Mercy the Buzzard, Alexa Bliss as Sister Abigail, Liv Morgan, former WWE Star Erick Rowan and Bo Dallas. It was also speculated whether Bray Wyatt is slotted as a babyface or a heel as he has been showing signs of both personas since his return.

According to, Bray Wyatt is slotted as the number 1 babyface on the WWE SmackDown brand internally and Drew McIntyre, who was previously slotted as WWE SmackDown’s number 1 babyface, is now positioned as number two. It came as a massive surprise to the entire pro wrestling industry when the WWE released Bray Wyatt in 2021 as he was a huge star at the time and a massive merchandise seller as well. Vince McMahon cited a number of reasons why he wasn’t too high on Bray Wyatt and why Bray Wyatt was let go from the company, but Triple H has been praising Wyatt multiple times and he has been open to working with Wyatt. Similar to how Wyatt was prior to being let go by the WWE in 2021, he has been the company’s top merchandise seller in recent weeks since his return and there are big plans for him all the way to WrestleMania 39.

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