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Bryan Danielson Discusses Resilience and Goals for Wrestle Kingdom 18 Clash with Okada

3 Key Points

  • Bryan Danielson reveals his interpretation of “Fighting Spirit” and “Strong Style.”
  • Danielson recounts overcoming major injuries and compares his journey to Okada’s.
  • Despite acknowledging Okada’s talent, Danielson expresses his intent to target “The Rainmaker” at Wrestle Kingdom 18.

Bryan Danielson’s Perspective on Wrestling Philosophy

Professional wrestling standout Bryan Danielson has been particularly candid about his views on wrestling’s intangible qualities. Ahead of the much-anticipated Wrestle Kingdom 18, he offered insights into the meanings of “Fighting Spirit” and “Strong Style.” During his conversation with NJPW, he articulated his strong belief that true resilience is shown in the face of hardships.

Contrasting Roads to Success

Danielson contrasted his wrestling journey with that of his NJPW adversary, Kazuchika Okada. He pointed out Okada’s relatively smoother ascent within New Japan Pro-Wrestling, suggesting that his own path, marred by significant obstacles including a severe orbital bone injury, forced him to embody the essence of “Strong Style” on a deeper level.

Triumph Over Injury

“The American Dragon” recounted the grit it took to return to the ring just three weeks after a debilitating injury in 2007—a decision driven by financial necessity and a testament to his toughness. Despite his physical limitations from two major injuries this year, one of which compromising his right arm strength, Danielson remains focused on his goals.

Family, Motivations, and Wrestle Kingdom 18 Aims

Beyond the squared circle, Bryan Danielson revealed personal motivations, reflecting on time with his children amidst recovery. Suspecting the possibility that his latest injury may have been a tactical move by Okada, Danielson is clear about his objective: to inflict damage on “The Rainmaker” at the imminent Wrestle Kingdom 18, setting the stage for a clash driven by more than just titles—it’s about proving resilience and the real meaning behind wrestling’s revered “Fighting Spirit.”

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