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Bully Ray Perplexed by Ricochet’s Potential WWE Exit Storyline

One Big Thing

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray questions the storytelling decisions surrounding Ricochet’s seemingly final appearance on WWE Raw, which saw him crashing through a car windshield at the hands of Bron Breakker.

Key Points

  • Ricochet is reportedly leaving WWE at the end of his current contract
  • WWE appeared to write him off television with the car windshield incident
  • Bully Ray is unsure if this truly marks Ricochet’s last WWE appearance

Bully Ray’s Perspective

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just do everything that they did, throw him in a meat wagon, and drive away? That’s the cookie cutter way to do it. Why [is Ricochet’s real-life fiance] Samantha Irvin in the ambulance?”

Questioning Creative Decisions

Bully Ray wonders why WWE chose to involve Samantha Irvin, Ricochet’s real-life fiance and WWE Raw ring announcer, in the segment, considering their relationship has been largely kept out of storylines.

Possibility of Ricochet’s Return

Given Irvin’s involvement, Bully Ray suggests there might be a chance Ricochet returns in a few weeks, with Bron Breakker potentially “imposing his will” on Irvin.

Why It Matters

The way WWE handled Ricochet’s potential exit raises questions about their creative direction and the blurring of lines between reality and storylines. It also highlights the uncertainty surrounding Ricochet’s future in the company.

The Bottom Line

While reports indicate Ricochet is on his way out of WWE, Bully Ray’s analysis suggests there might be more to the story than meets the eye. Only time will tell if this is truly the end of Ricochet’s WWE journey or if there are more twists and turns to come.

What do you think about WWE’s handling of Ricochet’s potential exit? Do you believe he will make a surprise return, or is this the end of his WWE run? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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