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Carmelo Hayes Makes SmackDown Debut In US Title Tournament: Trick Williams Comments

As the world of WWE keeps its audience on the edge of their seats, the SmackDown brand is set to welcome a fresh face as Carmelo Hayes steps into the spotlight. In a much-anticipated development, it has been revealed earlier this week that Carmelo Hayes is slated for his SmackDown debut. He will be stepping into the ring for the United States Championship Tournament, facing off against Grayson Waller in a compelling first-round matchup.

The news of Hayes’ main roster move has sparked conversations about his longtime associate and NXT Superstar Trick Williams. Amidst speculation about whether he might soon follow Hayes’ path to the main roster, Williams shared his mindset during an interview with wrestling legend, Bully Ray, on Busted Open Radio. Adopting a focused approach, Williams expressed, “You know, to be honest, Bully, I’m always a big proponent of being where your feet are. So whatever the mission is that’s right ahead of me, I just want to kill that. You know, if that means it’s Raw, it’s Raw. If that means NXT, it’s NXT.”

His grounded statement sheds light on a wrestler’s journey and their readiness for the shifting dynamics within WWE’s branded shows. The conversation with Bully Ray also featured insights from co-host Tommy Dreamer, who was asked about the preparedness of Williams and Hayes for a debut on the main roster. “I think both of them are. I’d keep them the hell away from either Raw or SmackDown because they’re babyfaces. You’re stacked on the babyface front on both brands. Keep them away because Carmelo Hayes won’t be on TV,” said Dreamer, stressing the competitiveness of the current roster.

Williams, who officially signed with WWE in February 2021, quickly made a name for himself, establishing a strong partnership with Carmelo Hayes by September of the same year during his television debut. Their alliance led to significant moments within NXT, including Williams supporting Hayes in his two North American Championship victories and one NXT Championship. Hayes recently seized the spotlight by winning the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline. He is also wrapped up in an intriguing storyline, attempting to uncover the mysterious figure behind the attack on him last October, which has strained his relationship with Williams.

As the wrestling industry buzzes with the implications of these latest moves and declarations, fans eagerly await the unfolding of Carmelo Hayes’ trajectory on the SmackDown roster and the potential ripple effects on his dynamic with Trick Williams. As always, wrestling enthusiasts should stay tuned for further updates and insider commentary—and, for those quoting from this article, an attribution to Busted Open Radio and a hat tip to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription is appreciated.

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