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Chad Gable’s WWE Raw Retaliation: Why He Attacked Sami Zayn

One Big Thing

Chad Gable took to social media to justify his attack on Sami Zayn during the April 29 edition of WWE Raw, marking his retaliation for an earlier confrontation.

Key Moments

  • Sami Zayn retained the Intercontinental Championship against Bronson Reed on April 29, thanks to disqualification caused by Chad Gable’s interference.
  • Gable’s attack was in response to Zayn’s backstage assault with a Helluva Kick on the April 15 edition of Raw, following Gable’s turn against him.
  • Gable expressed his motives on social media, condemning those who wouldn’t retaliate to an attack as cowards.
  • Alpha Academy, including Gable, was drafted to Monday Night Raw on April 26, raising stakes in the ongoing rivalry.

Why It Matters

This feud exemplifies the ongoing narrative depth within WWE, showcasing the blend of personal vendettas and competitive ambitions that fuel the drama of professional wrestling. Gable’s public justification brings a raw, real-world aspect to their rivalry, engaging fans beyond the ring and into social media discourse. Additionally, a WWE Hall of Famer’s potential involvement to manage Gable could add a legendary dimension to this storyline.

Chad Gable’s Statement

In a direct quote from his Twitter account, Gable said, “Who among you would allow someone to blindside you with a kick in the face and not retaliate? That would make you a COWARD. And there’s nothing I hate more than a COWARD.”

The Bigger Picture

The dynamics between Gable and Zayn not only enrich their individual character narratives but also contribute to the broader tapestry of WWE storytelling, where actions and consequences are intertwined both inside and outside the squared circle.

What do you think about Chad Gable’s justification for his actions? Do you see this rivalry escalating further in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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