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Charlotte Flair’s Injury Sparks Speculation on Mercedes Mone’s Potential WWE Comeback

3 Key Points

  • Charlotte Flair is sidelined for 9 months due to a knee injury, stirring talk of Mercedes Mone’s WWE return.
  • Eric Bischoff discusses the opportunity Mone’s return would present amidst Flair’s absence.
  • Mone’s high contract demands and recent cryptic posts fuel WWE return rumors.

Charlotte Flair’s Injury Update

In a recent development on “Friday Night SmackDown,” Charlotte Flair sustained a knee injury during a match with Asuka, leading to a considerable break from WWE action. Following the distressing match, confirmation came that Flair’s knee requires surgery and a 9-month recovery period, temporarily sidelining The Queen and shaking up the WWE roster dynamics.

Opportunity Knocks for Mercedes Mone

Wrestling circles are abuzz with the notion that this unforeseen vacancy could herald the return of Mercedes Mone, formerly Sasha Banks in WWE. Eric Bischoff, on his “Strictly Business” podcast, analyzed the situation. He remarked, “Oh, and Charlotte’s down for a while. That creates, oh what’s it called – opportunity.” His take resonates with fans and insiders who see a clear opening for Mone to reclaim a top spot in the women’s division.

The Leveraging Game

Bischoff continued by pointing out Mone’s established market value and loyal fanbase. Speculating on her next move, he suggested, “If either [Sasha Banks or Mercedes Mone], or both of them, decided they wanted to make a move to AEW currently, does that make any sense at all? I think not, but maybe I’m wrong.” His stance posits that a return to WWE, rather than a shift to rival AEW, might be the more lucrative and logical choice for Mone.

Fueling Return Rumors

Amplifying the speculation, Mercedes Mone has been alluding to WWE ties via social media, which fans interpret as hints towards a comeback. While she’s not currently signed with any wrestling promotion, Mone’s reported high contract demands add another layer of intrigue to her potential market moves.

In summary, Charlotte Flair’s unfortunate injury could turn into a strategic advantage for Mercedes Mone, with wrestling community eyes closely following any signs of her return to the ring. As we await further developments, the big question remains whether WWE will open its doors once more to the accomplished wrestler, or if Mone will chart a new path in the pro wrestling universe.

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