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Rey Mysterio Discusses Knee Injury Recovery and WWE Future Prospects

3 Key Points

  • Rey Mysterio sustains meniscus tear, facing 6-8 week recovery time.
  • Pro wrestling veteran plans to boost lower body strength with a personal trainer.
  • Mysterio committed to WWE with a new three-year contract and ongoing storylines.

Rey Mysterio Opens Up About His Injury and Rehabilitation Process

Rey Mysterio is currently on the mend from a knee injury that has temporarily sidelined him from WWE action. The beloved high-flyer has confirmed during a conversation with Konnan and Disco Inferno on K100 that a torn meniscus is the culprit behind his absence. Committed to a full recovery, Mysterio revealed that he is at the four-week mark in a recovery process that could last up to eight weeks.

Challenges and Determination of a Wrestling Legend

Acknowledging his wrestling career’s impact on his body, Rey Mysterio addressed the wear and tear that ultimately led to his right knee’s injury after years of overcompensation to protect his previously injured left knee. Despite the physical setbacks, Mysterio detailed his plans to work with a personal trainer, strengthening his hips and legs, an approach drawing inspiration from UFC fighters to maximize his in-ring performance.

Mysterio’s WWE Tenure and Fan Expectations

Recognizing his gradual slowing down in the ring, Mysterio emphasizes his desire to innovate and adapt his wrestling style to maintain the illusion of speed and agility that fans have come to expect. With a devoted fan base and a fresh three-year contract extension with WWE, the luchador legend is intent on staying healthy and active to fulfill his role and continue the storytelling, particularly his feud with Santos Escobar that was interrupted by his injury.

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