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Chavo Guerrero Jr. Shapes Wrestling Legacy in The Iron Claw Film Training

3 Key Points

  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. trains actors for wrestling film “The Iron Claw”.
  • The film portrays the legacy of the wrestling Von Erich family.
  • Guerrero connects personally to the story as part of a wrestling family himself.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: From the Ring to the Silver Screen

Renowned professional wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. has seamlessly transitioned from the squared circle to Hollywood, now lending his expertise to the dramatic re-telling of the storied Von Erich wrestling family in “The Iron Claw.” As the choreographer for this anticipated feature film, Guerrero Jr. has taken the helm in training renowned actors Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White to authentically portray the iconic wrestling figures.

Personal Connection Fuels Guerrero’s Dedication

Discussing his work in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc., Guerrero revealed a deep personal connection to the project. Echoing the trials and triumphs of wrestling dynasties, he expressed a profound understanding of what defines a wrestling family’s journey. “But yes, this absolutely did because nobody understands what a wrestling family goes through being in that business, except for another wrestling family,” Guerrero stated.

The Guerrero and Von Erich Parallel

The tale that unfolds through “The Iron Claw” resonates with Guerrero, as it mirrors the struggles and victories not only of the Von Erichs but also of his own lineage and other wrestling families. Guerrero emphasizes the importance of authenticity in his role, sharing his commitment to the precision of the film’s portrayal. “And I did tell the Von Erichs when I first started doing this, ‘Guys, thank you for putting your trust in me. I will help make this story as if I’m making it about my own family,'” he assured.

The Struggle Behind the Glamour

The wrestling industry, with its glitzy veneer, often masks the harsh realities that families like the Guerreros and the Von Erichs have endured. Guerrero’s insights into the wrestling life’s hardship – from monetary woes to the physical toll of the sport – adds a layer of depth to this film project.

As “The Iron Claw” aims to encapsulate the essence of a wrestling family’s saga, Chavo Guerrero Jr.’s hands-on involvement stands as a testament to its genuine representation of this unique slice of pro wrestling heritage.

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