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Chelsea Green Delays Family Plans for WWE Career: Inside the Decision

3 Key Points

  • Chelsea Green has postponed starting a family upon rejoining WWE.
  • Her return at the 2023 Royal Rumble marked a year of significant achievements, including snagging her first WWE title.
  • Chelsea Green believes it’s a matter of time until Matt Cardona, her husband, also makes a WWE comeback.

A Career Versus Family Decision

Professional wrestler Chelsea Green, back with WWE since her appearance at the last Royal Rumble, has been in the spotlight not just for her in-ring achievements but also for a significant personal decision. Amid her successful return, Green and her spouse, wrestler Matt Cardona, have decided to delay their plans to start a family to focus on her wrestling career.

A Stellar Year in Review

Following her return, Chelsea Green’s career trajectory in WWE has been impressive. Capturing her first WWE title and becoming a cornerstone of the RAW brand’s roster, she’s demonstrated her determination and versatility in the ring. This standout year followed the couple’s initial consideration to start a family, which was postponed following Green’s re-signing with WWE.

The Decision to Delay

On the Lightweights podcast, Green shared the intimate details of their decision. The couple had initially earmarked September 2022 to begin expanding their family, anticipating a hiatus from wrestling. However, a phone call from Triple H inviting her back to WWE shifted their plans. Determined to maximize her career opportunities, Green expressed her desire to ‘ride out’ her wrestling career without regrets before transitioning to motherhood.

Looking Toward the Future

Green remains optimistic about both her and Cardona’s professional futures, hinting at an eventual WWE return for her husband. The timing for starting a family remains uncertain, with Green highlighting her commitment to seizing WWE opportunities wholeheartedly.

As Chelsea Green continues to excel in her wrestling career, her personal decisions remind us of the intricate balance between professional aspirations and family life. Her resolve to pursue her dreams while keeping the door open for future family plans underscores the dynamic challenges faced by athletes in the limelight.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea Green’s decision to prioritize her WWE career over starting a family? Let us know in the comments!

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