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AEW Talent Expresses Frustration Over Booking and Communication Issues Ahead of Revolution 2024

  • AEW locker room reportedly faces great frustration due to creative decisions and lack of communication.
  • Issues include last-minute creative changes and a chaotic show-preparation process.
  • Some wrestlers are hesitant to follow the creative direction, adding to the disarray.

Locker Room Tensions Rise

With AEW Revolution 2024 just around the corner, discontent has surfaced within the ranks of AEW wrestlers. Renowned wrestling journalist Bryan Alvarez highlights a growing unrest stemming from creative challenges, including communication gaps, late plan revelations, and frequent changes to the narrative.

Comparisons and Complaints

Alvarez draws parallels between the current state of AEW and past WWE creative woes, noting similar patterns of dissatisfaction among talent. The common thread is the unpredictability faced by wrestlers, many of whom learn about their roles only upon arriving for shows. This uncertainty has been a source of frustration for months, leading to vocal grievances and last-minute changes.

Behind the Scenes Chaos

Further complicating matters is the reluctance of some wrestlers to engage with the storylines proposed by AEW’s creative team. In combination with other obstacles like injuries, this reluctance contributes to a volatile backstage environment. Alvarez emphasizes the departure from long-term booking, illustrating the struggle to maintain coherence in weekly shows amid these challenges.

Creative Shifts

In response to these operational hurdles, AEW has recently implemented significant changes to its creative team. This initiative, aiming to streamline processes and enhance talent satisfaction, includes the notable hire of a former WWE creative force. Further developments in this area are anticipated as AEW seeks to address and mitigate the concerns raised by its talent.

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