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Chris Jericho: Pro Wrestling’s Cross-Platform Pioneer, According to Swerve Strickland

3 Key Points

  • Chris Jericho hailed as a cross-platform pioneer by Swerve Strickland.
  • Jericho’s successes in music and entertainment alongside wrestling career highlighted.
  • Strickland acknowledges Jericho’s influence on his own multi-industry endeavors.

The Multifaceted Career of Chris Jericho

Renowned for his accomplishments in the squared circle, Chris Jericho has been celebrated by fellow professional wrestler Swerve Strickland for setting a precedent in inter-industry success. Swerve, in a conversation with Jim Varsallone, attributed his own ability to explore ventures outside the ring to Jericho’s exemplary career. He described Chris Jericho as the blueprint for becoming a versatile multimedia personality within the realm of professional wrestling.

Jericho’s Footsteps in Music and Entertainment

Strickland elaborated on Jericho’s journey, which includes the formation of his band, Fozzy, in 1999, amid his wrestling timeline. Jericho not only established a presence with Fozzy but also sustained a high-impact wrestling career, seamlessly blending these worlds. “And to be able to go overseas, do tours, do his Cruise, perform on that with his band, and then do that on ‘All In’ in front of 80,000 people, then do a podcast, then do television and do musical guest appearances on ‘Masked Singer’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars,'” Strickland admired Jericho’s ability to excel in entertainment while wrestling.

Swerve Strickland’s Inspired Path

Acknowledging the hard work and sleepless nights, Strickland sees Chris Jericho as the “monarch” of mastering the art of transitioning between various platforms. Jericho’s achievements have significantly influenced Strickland’s perception of his potential as a wrestler who can also pursue other passions within the entertainment sector. Jericho’s multifaceted success has, without a doubt, encouraged wrestlers like Strickland to chase parallel aspirations in music and entertainment while retaining their wrestling careers.

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