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CM Punk’s Return To WWE Rejected: Analysis From a Pro-Wrestling Perspective

In a twist of events in the world of pro wrestling, CM Punk, known as the Second City Savior, finds his attempts at rejoining WWE shut down. The former AEW wrestler is allegedly seeking a return after being fired, but according to fresh reports, WWE doesn’t appear to be interested.

Speculation of Punk’s return began to brew when Dave Meltzer, a respected figure in wrestling news, discussed potential talks between CM Punk and WWE in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Various sources close to Punk indicated at the time that ongoing discussions were taking place between the two parties. However, no concrete confirmation of his return has emerged so far.

Ringside News launched an exclusive report that CM Punk was deliberately creating an atmosphere of interest regarding his return to WWE. They stated that Punk has reached out to assess interest, but noted that WWE has not reciprocated.

During a Wrestling Observer Radio episode, Meltzer revisited his previous report and indicated that his hint of potential talks was misplaced. WWE, in fact, rejected CM Punk’s overtures, hence no genuine discussions between the two parties ever took place.

He revealed, “They turned him down. He wanted to go there and the decision was a no. It can always change and it was brought up to me; there’s no such thing as ‘no forever’ when it comes to WWE, but it’s no for now. That was the decision that was made.”

It was Vince McMahon, Nick Khan, and Paul Levesque who decided that the downside to bringing CM Punk back outweighed the positives. Though the mantra of ‘never say never’ is often used in pro-wrestling circles, WWE appears decisive in not willing to take the risk associated with CM Punk’s return this time around.

While WWE’s doors seem locked, Impact Wrestling might still have an interest in recruiting CM Punk. Only time will determine if Punk explores that avenue, but for now, any suggestions of a WWE return have been flatly denied.

As the pro-wrestling community continues to closely follow CM Punk’s career trajectory, what’s your take on WWE rejecting Punk’s advances? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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