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CM Punk’s Role in Ryback’s WWE Fate & His Recent AEW Exit: An Inside Look

The world of pro-wrestling is never short on drama, both inside and outside of the ring. One such captivating saga involves two figures widely recognized within the industry – former WWE Champion CM Punk and ex-Intercontinental Champion, Ryback. Recently, Ryback took the fans on a trip down memory lane, recalling the turbulent time in WWE where even NXT, WWE’s flagship developmental territory, wasn’t seen as a first-choice destination for main roster talent.

Initially, NXT slammed its doors open on the USA Network every Tuesday night with a rotating cast of main roster talent. However, during its early years at Full Sail University, the show struggled to attract top-tier talent. This changing landscape partly unfolded just as CM Punk exited WWE in 2014, taking an extended hiatus from wrestling. Punk’s recent exodus from AEW post All In London, triggering waves of discussion among fans, seems to echo this earlier departure.

Punk, a leading light in WWE in 2012, held the WWE Championship for over a year, his reign a major highlight of Monday Night RAW. Despite this, he frequently found himself embroiled in controversy, a trend that persisted irrespective of the wrestling promotion he was part of.

In a recent live stream, Ryback threw light on a particularly murky episode involving CM Punk and Paul Heyman. According to Ryback, the duo had attempted to orchestrate his removal from the company, even lodging complaints directly with WWE boss Vince McMahon.

“I remember walking down the hallway to Vince’s office, CM Punk and Paul Heyman are coming towards me…” Ryback recalled. Punk and Heyman had just left McMahon’s room, their faces revealing satisfied smirks. It was an ominous sign that foreshadowed a critical conversation concerning Ryback’s future with WWE. In a heated exchange with McMahon, Ryback learned of Punk’s desire to see him removed from the roster, a move that almost resulted in Ryback’s reassignment to NXT.

Rumors and discord aside, Ryback is still actively engaged in wrestling, recently offering his take on CM Punk’s controversial AEW exit. His open displeasure about WWE contemplating Punk’s return mirrors the sentiments of several WWE insiders.

Currently, Ryback eagerly awaits his doctor’s green light to step back into the ring. Should that day come soon, fans everywhere will eagerly chant “feed me more”. The wrestling community continues to watch this space, eagerly waiting to see how this riveting narrative unfurls. What’s your take on Ryback’s account of his WWE journey and CM Punk’s role in it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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