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CM Punk’s WWE Draft Graphic Error Sparks Conversation

One Big Thing

CM Punk, drafted to WWE Raw during the 2024 WWE Draft, featured in a contentious draft graphic that incorrectly labeled him as a Grand Slam Champion, a title he has never achieved.

Key Moments

  • CM Punk was officially drafted to WWE Raw on Night 2 of the WWE Draft 2024, facing Drew McIntyre on the April 29 show.
  • The animosity between Punk and McIntyre continues, highlighted in their latest confrontation.
  • A draft graphic error labeled Punk as a Grand Slam Champion, despite him never winning the United States Championship—one of the requirements for the title.
  • USA Network responded to the controversy with a tongue-in-cheek comment: “Just willing it into existence.”
  • Logan Paul is the current WWE United States Champion after defeating Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel in November 2023.

Why It Matters

The error in CM Punk’s draft graphic not only reflects on the attention to detail in WWE’s presentation but also sparks discussion among fans about Punk’s actual achievements and his place in WWE history. Despite not being a Grand Slam Champion, Punk’s return to WWE and his ongoing storyline with Drew McIntyre keep fans engaged and contribute to the narrative complexity of WWE programming.


After a ten-year hiatus, CM Punk made his return to WWE at Survivor Series in 2023, later suffering an injury at the Royal Rumble in 2024. His storied career and charismatic persona have made him a fan favorite, with his recent WWE draft to Raw stirring anticipation and conversation among the WWE community.

Looking Forward

As CM Punk’s storyline develops on WWE Raw, fans eagerly watch how his rivalry with Drew McIntyre will evolve and if Punk will ever achieve the accolade of Grand Slam Champion.

With the professional wrestling industry continuously evolving, new talents like Logan Paul and seasoned veterans like CM Punk create a dynamic and compelling narrative for fans. The spotlight on these athletes underscores the importance of accurate representation of their achievements and the ongoing dialogue between WWE and its audience.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s incorrect Grand Slam Champion label? Will it impact his legacy or is it just a minor blip in WWE’s otherwise meticulous storytelling? Leave a comment with your views.

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