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CM Punk’s WWE Return: Montez Ford’s welcome and the impact on the wrestling industry’

In the fast-paced, unpredictable world of pro wrestling, one key storyline has been making headlines recently. The former AEW superstar and coveted wrestling name, CM Punk, has been reported to have been fired from AEW, stirring up a whirlwind of rumors and speculations.

These rumors hit peak velocity with reports suggesting Punk’s potential return to his old stomping grounds – WWE. It seemed like a distant dream until recently when this news got an unexpected ally. Montez Ford, rising WWE star, openly expressed his willingness to welcome Punk back to WWE on The Happy Hour.

In the wrestling industry, speculation and conjecture are the lifeblood that fuels much of the drama, both inside the ring and outside of it. In this case, credible sources like Ringside News have suggested that Punk had already displayed an interest in returning to WWE when he was part of the WWE Backstage show a few years ago. Subsequent reports indicate that his interest in returning to WWE persisted right up till his unexpected AEW comeback earlier this year.

In an industry where alliances shift as frequently as the tides, Montez Ford’s endorsement of Punk carries weight. During his conversation on The Happy Hour, Ford didn’t mince words, offering a warm, definitive message to WWE management that Punk is welcome in his book.

He stated, “If they asked my opinion on it, I’m so open to every single aspect, talent in the world, whether they come from all works of life. Believe it or not, whether people love this individual or not… if they are generating buzz, generating topics, and generating people talking, that’s all good for business.”

Yet, not all sentiments echo Ford’s welcoming attitude. WWE reportedly compares CM Punk’s potential contribution to the likes of lower-tier stars like Cody Rhodes. Former WCW President Eric Bischoff, appearing as an industry veteran, cautioned CM Punk about the ticking clock on his in-ring career.

Ultimately, the final word lies with Punk himself. Will he return to the WWE fold or pursue another path entirely? That’s one of the juicy questions we, the wrestling fans and commentators, wait to be answered. Let’s all tune in to find out whether the “Best in the World” makes the leap back into the WWE Universe.

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