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Cody Rhodes Escalates Rivalry with Shinsuke Nakamura on WWE Raw

Fans of WWE Raw witnessed an intense main event last night as Cody Rhodes faced Shinsuke Nakamura, continuing the buildup of their heated conflict. The match escalated quickly and culminated in an unexpected turn when Rhodes, on the brink of victory over Nakamura, suffered a blinding red mist attack, leading to Nakamura’s disqualification.

The aftermath of the match was nothing short of chaotic. Nakamura relentlessly continued his assault on Rhodes, despite the disqualification call. The Creed Brothers rushed to offer aid, but Rhodes still fell victim to a savage beating.

Minutes after the match, Brandi Rhodes—Cody’s wife and former on-screen AEW personality—expressed her disdain toward Nakamura in a direct and blunt message. Posting on a social platform, Brandi succinctly voiced her thoughts, writing “Nakamura dumb,” marking her stance on the incident.

This recent altercation only adds fuel to the fire in the rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura, and with no clear victor due to the disqualification, it’s likely that the two will meet again to settle scores. Speculation suggests that their next encounter could take place at the Day 1 edition of Raw, which WWE announced last night. With heightened tension and unfinished business, fans are eager to see the next chapter unfold in this high-stakes feud.

Cody, a prominent figure in WWE and former AEW Executive Vice President, has his sights set firmly on the Royal Rumble. Declaring his intent to compete, he’s aiming for a triumph that could propel him to a WWE WrestleMania main event—a chance to pursue the championship legacy his father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, never captured.

While details surrounding Cody and Brandi’s departure from AEW remain relatively private, with the couple citing personal reasons and Cody’s aspiration to achieve WWE gold, it’s evident that their professional wrestling journey continues to captivate fans. Cody Rhodes remains a prominent figure in the ring, while Brandi’s influence, although currently away from the camera, still resonates with the WWE Universe.

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