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Cody Rhodes Files Trademark for Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling Revival

Cody Rhodes, popularly known as “The American Nightmare” and a renowned figure in professional wrestling, has recently initiated a move that is stirring speculation across the wrestling community. In a collaborative step with QT Marshall, his comrade from the Nightmare Factory, there are indications that Rhodes might be looking toward breathing new life into Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling (TCW), a venture originally spearheaded by his father and wrestling legend, Dusty Rhodes.

Recent trademark filings from Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall for the term “Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling” have provided fuel to the growing conjecture. The trademark, which is categorized specifically under “wrestling contests and exhibits,” signals that there may be substantive plans for the revival of TCW.

Looking back at its roots, TCW was established in 1999, with its foundation set firmly in East Cobb County, Georgia. The goal, as Dusty Rhodes envisioned, was to build a pro wrestling promotion that melded modern creative ideas with a classic, old-school format. TCW made its debut on the wrestling scene with its inaugural event in July 2000, crowning Glacier as its first Heavyweight Champion.

During its zenith, TCW showcased an impressive array of talent, including the likes of Leilani Kai, Scott Hall, Daffney, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and New Jack. What made TCW stand out was the raw essence of the wrestling culture it aimed to encapsulate, a trait that fans could attribute to the influence of Dusty Rhodes’s distinct creative approach, often referred to as “the American Dream.”

While details remain sparse on Cody Rhodes’s exact intentions with TCW’s potential comeback, anticipation is high. Fans and insiders are left wondering whether Cody will step into his father’s shoes and reignite TCW as a full-fledged wrestling promotion. This development poses various exciting possibilities for the future of wrestling entertainment, especially with a personality like Rhodes at the helm, who has already proven his mettle in AEW and other wrestling enterprises.

Although speculation is running rampant, one thing is for certain — the wrestling community will be watching closely as more information unfolds about Cody Rhodes’s latest venture. Until then, discussions abound and fans eagerly share their thoughts on whether they will soon witness the second coming of Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling.

For more updates on this development and all things pro wrestling, keep it locked here, and share your thoughts on what the future holds for Cody Rhodes and the revival of TCW in the comments section.

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