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Cody Rhodes & Justin Gabriel’s Real Backstage Altercation Unveiled—

3 Key Points:

  • Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel had a real confrontation early in their WWE careers.
  • The altercation was sparked by Rhodes’ influence on WWE creative decisions.
  • WWE veterans Mark Henry and Booker T stepped in to defuse the situation.

The Inciting Incident

Former WWE stars Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel are no strangers to the spotlight, having carved significant paths in the wrestling industry. Their time in WWE saw both talent entangled not just in the storylines but behind the scenes as well. Justin Gabriel, who competed in WWE between 2008 and 2015, recently shed light on a less-known chapter from his time in the company, involving Rhodes.

Altercation Details Revealed

In a candid reveal on Rene Dupree’s “Cafe de Rene” podcast, Gabriel recounted an incident where emotions between him and Rhodes escalated to a physical confrontation. According to Gabriel, the tussle stemmed from Rhodes’ attempt to influence WWE’s creative direction, which adversely affected storylines Gabriel was involved in. Amidst the tension, what started as disbelief from Gabriel quickly turned serious, leading to the unforeseen scuffle.

Breaking Up the Fight

The quarrel, heavy with real emotions, could have spiraled further if not for the intervention of WWE veterans Mark Henry and Booker T. The two reportedly stepped in to separate the wrestlers, effectively calming the storm. Gabriel’s narration highlights the high-pressure environment within WWE, where even small creative disputes can ignite real-world confrontations.

Reflection and Moving Forward

Despite the intensity of their past disagreement, Gabriel hints at a resolution that eventually saw both men moving past the incident. This account not only casts a spotlight on the complexities and pressures of working in professional wrestling but also underscores the capacity of its athletes to navigate and overcome backstage conflicts.

Reader Engagement

This revelation about Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel serves as a fascinating glimpse into the hardly seen aspects of professional wrestling – where storylines and real-life often blur. What are your thoughts on this incident? Were you surprised by the nature of their altercation? Share your views in the comments below!

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