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Cody Rhodes Reclaims the Heroic Role in WWE, Emphasizes Traditional Good Guys

3 Key Points

  • WWE producer Road Dogg praises Cody Rhodes for embodying the classic babyface in modern wrestling.
  • Cody Rhodes engages in a heartfelt promo exchange with Drew McIntyre, solidifying his role as the genuine good guy in WWE.
  • Road Dogg believes that a return to traditional babyface characters is a positive direction for WWE storytelling.

Reviving the Classic Babyface

WWE has long thrived on the battle between heroes and villains. Recently, veteran WWE producer Brian James, better known as Road Dogg, expressed on his podcast “Oh… You Didn’t Know” how compelling a well-portrayed good guy can be in wrestling’s narratives. Specifically, he highlighted how Cody Rhodes has excelled in this traditional role, avoiding coarse language and connecting emotionally with the audience through his promos.

Cody Rhodes’ Standout Promo on WWE Raw

Rhodes showcased his quintessential babyface qualities in a recent episode of “WWE Raw,” where he engaged in a verbal back-and-forth with antagonist Drew McIntyre. McIntyre accused Rhodes of being insincere, while Rhodes countered, articulating his passion and appreciation for his renewed opportunity in WWE. This moment encapsulated Rhodes’ commitment to being the admirable hero that fans can rally behind.

Road Dogg’s Endorsement of Heroic Storytelling

According to Road Dogg, Rhodes represents a much-needed “rightening of the ship” for WWE’s storytelling trajectory. His approach to embodying the good guy differs from the confrontational attitudes of factions like the NWO Wolfpac from wrestling’s past. Road Dogg’s insights suggest that wrestling is experiencing a resurgence of the classic hero, with Rhodes at the helm leading the charge into a new era of good versus evil.

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