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WWE Stars Tackle Disrespect During Australian Media Tour

3 Key Points

  • WWE’s Grayson Waller confronted over requested stunt on Australian TV show.
  • Booker T offers strong opinions on wrestler respect in media appearances.
  • The dangers of unscripted physicality in wrestling highlighted with historical examples.

Unexpected Tension on ‘Sunshine’

During recent public engagements, Grayson Waller and LA Knight of “WWE SmackDown” found themselves in an uncomfortable predicament on an Australian morning show, “Sunshine.” While promoting the Excitement is mounting for WWE’s upcoming Elimination Chamber event in Perth, the athletes faced an unusual challenge. A staff member was playfully offered for a demonstration of Knight’s wrestling maneuvers, but the proposal was declined. Waller, however, found himself directly confronted by a boisterous floor manager eager to showcase his shadow-boxing. Waller, perceiving disrespect, made it clear he wouldn’t shy away from a real confrontation. Fortunately, the situation was quickly deescalated, with the floor manager being removed from the scene.

Booker T Weighs In

On his podcast, “The Hall of Fame,” WWE legend Booker T didn’t mince words regarding the incident. He made it clear that while wrestling entertains, it demands respect. If crossed, wrestlers might respond with legitimate force. Using himself as an example, Booker underscored that even so-called ‘fake punches’ could pack a wallop, recounting a time he landed a hefty blow on Steve Austin.

Historical Context of Wrestling Physicality

To emphasize the significance of respecting wrestlers and the sport, Booker T cited a past event where Hulk Hogan used a chin lock on television host Richard Belzer in 1985. That encounter turned serious when Belzer was unintentionally choked unconscious and later filed a lawsuit against Hogan, claiming personal injury and seeking substantial damages. The incident serves as a potent reminder of the potential consequences of not treating the wrestling profession and its athletes with the proper respect.

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