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Cody Rhodes Reflects on 2023 WWE Highlights and Upcoming Madison Square Garden Showdown

3 Key Points:

  • Cody Rhodes names winning the Royal Rumble and a WWE Fastlane press conference moment as his top highlights of 2023.
  • The American Nightmare shares a light-hearted backstage moment with Jey Uso as a fond memory.
  • Cody Rhodes prepares for an intense Bull Rope match against Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE’s Holiday Live event at Madison Square Garden.

Cody Rhodes Highlights Hilarious WWE Fastlane Moment

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes recently shed light on his personal standout moments from 2023. While his triumph at the Royal Rumble ranks high on his list, Rhodes also fondly recalls a humorous incident. In an interview during the ‘Christmas Day’ special on WWE Raw, Rhodes was candid about the enjoyable, impromptu nature of his post-match press conference at Fastlane with Jey Uso, describing it as an “under appreciated gem.”

WrestleTalk Credits Rhodes’s Press Conference Laughs

Rhodes’s press conference with Uso, filled with unexpected banter, captivated fans and displayed his off-the-cuff charisma., responsible for documenting this press conference, invites fans to review the entertaining exchange. Rhodes playfully hinted at having some drinks before facing the media, adding a layer of genuineness to the event.

Life on the Road and Social Engagement

Further solidifying his connection with fans, Rhodes shared his joy on social media regarding fans’ Christmas tributes. His post showcased a glimpse into his star-studded lifestyle, including luxurious travel and stylish holiday attire featuring pop culture references.

New Challenges Await at Madison Square Garden

Cody Rhodes’s celebratory mood transitions into battle-ready as he gears up for the iconic Madison Square Garden event. Anticipation around WWE’s Holiday Live heightens, with Rhodes scheduled for a grueling Bull Rope match against Shinsuke Nakamura. The clash promises to be intense and personal, adding to the excitement of the holiday wrestling slate.

Stay Updated with WWE’s Latest Events

As WWE continues to roll out exhilarating matches and memorable moments, fans can continue to indulge in the latest news and updates. Whether it’s celebrating high points or eagerly awaiting the next in-ring spectacle, WWE consistently delivers entertainment to its global audience. Keep an eye on Cody Rhodes and other WWE stars as they make headlines in and out of the ring.

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