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Cody Rhodes Reflects on Future WrestleMania Opportunities and Respect for The Rock

In the fascinating world of professional wrestling, the road to WrestleMania is often punctuated with anticipation, speculation, and the dreams of athletes and fans alike converging on the grandest stage of them all. WWE superstar Cody Rhodes recently found himself at the center of such buzz, addressing the possibility of Hollywood mega-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson potentially vying for a headliner spot at WrestleMania.

During a candid conversation on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Rhodes conveyed his respect for The Rock’s contributions to the industry, stating, “The Rock did for sports entertainment so much and continues to do so by being the biggest star in Hollywood […] I can stand on shoulders like those of The Rock.” Despite the high praises, Rhodes made it clear he is unfazed by potential competition, even from the People’s Champion himself, “I’m not flinching. I feel like if The Rock and I were in the same room, he would expect nothing less from me.”

On a more heartfelt note, Rhodes vocalized his desire to see his brother, Dustin Rhodes, formerly known as Goldust in WWE, inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. “We have to get old chicken in that Hall of Fame first though. My brother,” Cody said, expressing his admiration for Dustin’s enduring passion and commitment to wrestling.

The wrestling community also shared their concerns for Rey Mysterio, who disclosed on his Facebook page that he underwent successful knee surgery. Mysterio did not discuss a timeline for his return but hinted at a future confrontation with Santos Escobar, promising retribution.

In other news, WWE’s presence was felt beyond the squared circle as Logan Paul, popular YouTuber and emerging wrestling personality, attended UFC 295, light-heartedly engaging in a name misspelling exchange with Rey Mysterio on social media.

WWE itself remained a hub of activity and whispers, with reports from Fightful Select denying rumors of Randy Orton’s return being tied to a major title win. Meanwhile, fans eagerly anticipate Orton’s comeback possibly happening at Survivor Series 2023, after a hiatus due to a back injury.

The industry’s reach into the entertainment sector saw a positive turn for John Cena’s animated film ‘Coyote vs. Acme’, previously shelved plans have now been reopened, allowing filmmakers to seek out new distribution opportunities.

WWE’s developmental efforts continue with Mike Johnson of PWInsider revealing that NXT talents Tavion Heights and Tatum Paxley were spotted backstage at a RAW event, possibly hinting at future appearances on the main roster. And as WWE scouts the independent scene for talent, Brogan Finlay’s sighting at the Performance Center stirred conversations about the next generation of wrestling stars.

Away from the ring, Montez Ford took a triumphant step into bodybuilding, winning his first competition and confronting personal challenges along the way. His success and transparency about his body dysmorphia battle struck a chord within the community, garnering support and admiration.

As wrestlers explore various facets of their careers and manage the physical demands of their profession, the fabric of WWE’s storytelling continues to weave intriguing narratives both in and out of the ring. For Rhodes, Mysterio, Orton, and all those shaping the future of wrestling entertainment, the journey is as complex and captivating as the spectacle they create within the ropes.

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