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Rhea Ripley Endorses Damian Priest as Judgment Day Leader Amid WWE Raw Turmoil

On last night’s thrilling episode of WWE Raw, tensions ran high as the two WarGames teams clashed in a dramatic face-off, revealing potential shifts in power dynamics within the notorious faction, Judgment Day. Damian Priest boldly declared himself the leader of the group, a surprising assertion that prompted raised eyebrows from his stablemates.

As Cody Rhodes mocked the absence of Judgment Day’s ‘Mami’, Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest stepped up with a significant claim: he was now calling the shots for the faction. This self-proclamation of leadership drew a momentary puzzled reaction from fellow members but was quickly followed by action. When Seth Rollins challenged JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio to a match, it was Priest who spoke up and readily accepted the confrontation on their behalf.

However, the tag match that ensued was far from conclusive. The two WarGames teams erupted into chaos at ringside, culminating in an all-out brawl that was eventually quelled by none other than WWE official Adam Pearce.

The intrigue deepened backstage, where the charismatic Rhea Ripley addressed Priest’s earlier comments. With a tone of sarcasm that shifted into a more serious stance, Ripley acknowledged that for the upcoming WarGames – from which she will be noticeably absent – designating a ‘leader’ was a tactical move. She endorsed Priest for this role, and after a brief moment of tension, Dominik Mysterio and Finn Balor acquiesced, albeit with some reluctance.

The immediate challenge facing the new ‘leader’, however, was to integrate JD McDonagh fully into the group. This task seemed to rub Priest the wrong way, especially considering his prior issues with McDonagh. Yet, when it came time to share the good news with their newest compatriot, Priest undertook the mission alone, taking a mysterious duffle bag with him.

The path forward for Judgment Day is as murky as ever, with new alliances and loyalties tested. Fans are left to wonder how these shifting roles will affect the group’s dynamics leading into the high-stakes environment of WarGames.

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In the ring of WWE politics, it’s clear that even amidst the chaos, a leader must emerge. With Rhea Ripley’s stamp of approval, Damian Priest steps into the fray, ready to guide Judgment Day through the tumultuous battleground of WarGames. Will this faction come out stronger or find themselves divided? Only time will tell.

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