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Cody Rhodes Reveals The Moment The Rock Recognized Him as ‘A Player’ in WWE

One Big Thing

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes recounts the defining moment when wrestling icon The Rock realized Cody’s significant impact and presence in WWE.

Key Moments

  • Cody Rhodes ended Roman Reigns’ historic Universal Championship reign at 1316 days during WrestleMania 40, marking a pivotal moment in his career.
  • Despite his victory over Reigns, Rhodes hints at a brewing tension with The Rock, creating anticipation for their potential showdown.
  • In a conversation on the SI Media podcast, Cody detailed a revealing encounter with The Rock during a March 8 SmackDown episode, culminating in a physical altercation.
  • According to Rhodes, it was this confrontation that showcased his stature in the company to The Rock, transforming their mutual respect and potential rivalry.

Why It Matters

The interaction between Cody Rhodes and The Rock is more than a mere storyline or segment in the wrestling world. It signifies a passing of the torch, an acknowledgment of Rhodes’ evolution from a promising talent to a central figure in WWE. It highlights how real-time reactions and crowd engagement are crucial in the wrestling industry, shaping characters and defining careers. This moment of recognition from a legend like The Rock not only boosts Rhodes’ in-ring persona but also teases future high-stakes matchups that excite fans and drive narratives forward.

Direct Quote

“There was a moment, in the ring, live, happening in real time…I think he didn’t know who I was as a player. I think in the moment, he saw, ‘Geez, they’re all doing the WOAH. He’s signing autographs on the way down here.’ It’s a different type of individual than perhaps he maybe saw a picture online or one clip. That moment, right before I slapped him, and I brought that slap, that moment was a nice moment amongst myself and Seth and our place in all this,” said Cody Rhodes.

Final Thoughts

The dynamism and unpredictability of professional wrestling are what keep fans riveted, and the evolving storyline between Cody Rhodes and The Rock is a testament to that. As Rhodes continues to solidify his legacy within WWE, the anticipation for what’s next—especially with The Rock—remains high.

Do you think we’ll see Cody Rhodes and The Rock face off in the ring sooner rather than later? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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