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Cora Jade, Former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, Expresses Discontent with WWE NXT Return Rumors

As a pro wrestling news reporter, I’ve delved deep into the issues swirling around in the wrestling business, and today’s, top story comes from the ring of former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, Cora Jade. Her recent refusal to return to WWE NXT has snapped attention back to her, supporters and critics alike.

Jade, beloved by scores of fans who’ve delighted in her past performances, has recently expressed a decisive lack of interest in breaking her current hiatus. Despite a series of sultry photos marking her brief appearances following her exit from television, the wrestler has essentially called time on her tenure with NXT.

The Generation of Jade leader decided to settle the swirling speculation herself, turning to the social platform ‘X’ to firmly convey her sentiments. Categorically stating that the asks for her return to WWE NXT needed to stop, she minced no words in proclaiming the dissatisfaction with her previous experience and confidently asserting her superiority, “It sucks there and I’m better than everyone. Ask me about something that’s worth my time. I’m sick of it.”

By including an irate emoji in her explosive declaration, Jade clearly relayed her intense frustration over relentless questions of her comeback. This classic heel tactic feeds the intrigue as we await to see how her hiatus will play out.

Despite the storm brewing over her NXT return, Jade’s fans eagerly anticipate her re-entry into the wrestling sphere. Her blunt dismissal of NXT, mixed with her infrequent social media activity, makes for an interesting story to keep an eye on.

As we continue to follow this unexpected turn of events, it’s clear that no one can predict what moves Cora Jade will next make, especially during her time off. So, to all the Cora Jade fans out there, do you yearn to see her back in play? Share your thoughts and join in our discussion!

Stay tuned for further updates on this development and much more, wrestling enthusiasts. With news evolving as fast as the wrestlers’ moves, you won’t want to miss the next punch in this wrestling storyline.

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