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WWE’s Rhea Ripley’s Unexpected Reaction to Fan Tribute with Jey Uso

As a pro wrestling news reporter known for keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry, I’ve seen my fair share of fan tributes and reactions. But the recent development involving WWE’s Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Jey Uso of Bloodline fame has taken things to another level.

The intriguing saga between Ripley and Uso began in early September with Uso’s entry to the WWE Raw roster, which garnered significant interest from fans and spectators. The budding interest was further sparked on an episode airing on September 11, when it became public that Ripley is a fan of Uso.

While the initial excitement has ebbed a bit in the wake of Ripley’s evident disappointment at Uso declining a position in Judgment Day, ardent fans are still holding out for the pair’s potential union. The internet has been inundated with images showcasing Ripley and Uso in various scenarios, including a recent wedding-themed fan tribute posted by Jey Uso himself.

However, another fan tribute recently came under the spotlight when Ripley took to her Instagram Stories to share it. The image was admittedly outlandish, depicting a heavily pregnant Jey Uso and an ecstatic Ripley on a beach. Ripley’s vexed reaction was palpable as she captioned the post, “Wha…what the f**k?”

While fans were entertained by the unforeseen and humorous reaction of the WWE champion, it seems the reference to the controversial image won’t be fading away anytime soon.

On a related note, fans have something exciting to look forward to. In the upcoming October 23 episode of WWE Raw, Judgment Day is set to open the show celebrating their complete dominance. Reports also suggest that the episode is scheduled to culminate with Damian Priest in an exhilarating match against Jey Uso.

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So, whether it’s a fan tribute gone viral or an inside scoop on what goes down outside the ring, stay tuned for more wrestling chatter.

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